Health and Wellness

Wellness and healthy living through daily routines

Daily physical activity
Making healthy food choices
Basic safety and hygiene
Mindfulness and well-being

Literacy and Language

Literacy, language, and love of books
 Joy and confidence
 Reading stories and poems
Writing simple words
 Early alphabet learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Social skills like self-regulation and relationships

Using calm-down techniques
Recognizing other’s perspective
Taking turns with peers
Showing empathy and care


Early science, technology, engineering, and math

Science: Observing and asking questions
Technology: Using technology to create
Engineering: Solving problems with design
Math: Using math in real life

Thinking and Learning

Creativity, self-regulation, and executive function
Emotional self-regulation: Stop and think
Executive function: Listen and focus
Mindset and agency: Choose own work
Creative thinking and flexibility: Take healthy risks

Toward a Better World

Respect for our world, its people, and the environment
Taking care of classroom
Recognizing cultural differences
Helping others in need
Caring for animals and nature

Visual and Creative Art

Appreciation of art, music, theater, and dance
Expressing ideas through art
Hearing varied music
Acting assigned part
Dancing with creativity

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