Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we provide nutritious and organic meals that include breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. 

We provide high quality organic meals to the children. We only use zabihah halal meat in our meals and also provide vegetarian meal options.


To find out more information about tuition, please contact the center directly.

Monthly tuition is charged for 10 months from August to May. We collect tuition on the first day of the month. We also charge $100 per child for the application fees.


In order to bring barakah (blessing) to our preschool and to the children whom you have trusted us with, a portion of your child’s tuition will be used to support the education of one child overseas.

Our preschool program begins at age 2 ½ and the toddler program starts at 1 ½ years of age. The center is licensed for children from the age of 1 to 12.

During your search for the perfect child care partner, this is among the most important questions you can ask. At Rawdah Preschool, we know that childhood is a treasured time. We believe it is our responsibility to provide environments and experiences that capture the joys of childhood, nurture each child’s individual growth and development, and pave the way for success in school and life. We promise to:
Nurture and care for the whole child
Craft and integrated curriculum based on expert research
Support and develop each teacher
Implement an emergent, inquiry-based approach to learning
Cultivate curiosity and creativity through projects, exploration, and play
Encourage children to be confident experimenters and problem solvers
Build an inclusive and respectful community
Create joyful places for childhood


Rawdah is an Arabic word with the literal meaning of a “Garden.” Rawdah is like the Gardens of Paradise, in that the peace and tranquility one feels resembles the peace and tranquility of Paradise.

Yes, there is an outdoor fenced play area on-site.

Following is the list of parent responsibilities. Please note that all material (including any food containers) given by parents specifically for their child must be labeled with the child's name.
Provide diapers and wipes for their children.
We provide mattresses for children for their nap time but parents are responsible to provide their sleeping bags. We will send the sleeping bag home every two weeks to be cleaned. Parents should also provide two pairs of extra clothing.
Parents are also encouraged to provide sunscreen, which should be labeled with the child’s name. We will need a permission slip before the staff can apply the sunscreen on the child.
Fill and sign a permission slip to administer medicine, including diaper rash cream, for your child.


We suggest you register with Rawdah Preschool. By registering, you are confirming your strong interest in the center and we will add you to our wait list. Our goal is to accommodate families as soon as space allows.

We have limited part-time care available, please inquire with our staff for more information.

There is no parent involvement required.

Yes! Prospective parents can schedule a center visit by submitting the request from our center website.

Yes, we offer paid extended daycare options at the center.

The regular center timings are 8:30AM to 4:00PM, Monday through Friday.


Rawdah Preschool follows the normal school year based on published dates that apply to Santa Clara Unified School District to make it easy for parents with children going to public schools within Santa Clara, CA. The district calendar can be found here.

Radwah Preschool observes the following holidays:
Labor Day (1 day) - First Monday in September
Thanksgiving (2 days) - Fourth Thursday and Friday in November
Winter break (10 days) - Last week and first week of the year
Martin Luther King Day (1 day) - Third Monday in January
President’s Day (1 day) - Third Monday in February
Spring Break (5 days) - Second week in April
Memorial Day (1 day) - Last Monday in May
Eid-al-fitr (2 days) - Varies based on moonsighting
Eid-al-Adha (2 days) - Varies based on moonsighting


School related updates will be shared via email. There is a bulletin board outside the front door where certain sign-ups and flyers may be posted, so check it out when you are at the school.


All Rawdah Preschool staff are trained in CPR and First Aid so that you can feel confident that your child is safe and receiving the best care possible at our center.

Yes, Rawdah Preschool has an open door policy. You are encouraged to visit your child anytime

Rigorous health and safety practices are a foundation of the way we care for children. These include:
An illness and daily health check policy that strives to mitigate the spread of illnesses
Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces and toys; frequent laundering of soft items
Regular maintenance of the center, equipment, and supplies, updating and replacing items as needed
Strict handwashing and sanitary policies to prevent the spread of illnesses
Curriculum that emphasizes healthy practices for children
Strict safety and security procedures are designed to keep our families and staff protected.

Every day we will check the child's temperature upon arrival. It is our policy to send children home if they have a temperature above the normal body temperature or other symptoms of illness. Parents need to pick up their children within an hour of notification. Children can not return to school the next day. We require children to be symptom (fever, diarrhea, vomiting) free for 24-hours before returning to the center. If your child needs medication at school, you will need to fill out a medication form, which can be obtained on our website. All over-the counter medications need to be in its original container with instructions of dosage and expiration date. All prescription medication needs to have your child’s name, dosage, duration, and expiration date. We can only administer over-the-counter medicine for one week. All medicine needs to be taken home daily unless it is for medical reasons, such as asthma. All medical reasons medicine can be given as needed with special instructions from a physician.

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